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Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) is rebranding to a familiar and recognisable brand. Acting communications and public relations manager Kabwe Phiri said with the new brand, the agency is poised to be differentiated as a unique brand which links the private and public sectors.    The rebranding of ZDA has necessitated the need for repositioning in line with the institutional strategic plan in the alignment with the Seventh National Development Plan, which envisions a prosperous middle –income economy that offers decent employment opportunities.

Ms Phiri said the agency’s new tagline, “Potential Made Possible” acknowledged the massive potential that the country has in terms of natural resources, human resources, exports in the region and being a regional trade hub.   She said ZDA hopes to become more relevant in stimulating economic growth.  “The role of the agency is to identify potential and help our stakeholders realise their dreams, and helping the country achieve unlimited milestones due to the comparative and competitive advantage it has.  Through the new tagline, the agency further encapsulates its aspirations and helps the country as a whole to realise this great potential.” Ms Phiri said in a statement on Monday 31st August 2020.  She said it is expected that the tagline will appeal to a broader spectrum of clients and can be relatable across all levels. “Being an already established brand, the agency is not completely moving away from the existing brand but just enhancing the familiarity of the brand to the various stake holders and clients.” Ms Phiri said.  Source: Daily Mail

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